David Elsweiler

I am senior lecturer (akademischer Rat) at the Chair for Information Science at the University of Regensburg.

I use a variety of different techniques to learn about how people behave with information and use what I learn to design tools to assist them and work in a way that aligns with how they think and behave.

I am currently completing a habilitation (German equivalent of tenure) project arguing for a behavioural focus in information science.

I have done some work, including a PhD, on managing and re-finding personal information.  During my PhD I was particularly interested on the role of memory in these processes.

I am interested in how people search for fun because current systems don't really support this well.  We ran a workshop on this topic at ECIR2012 and another at IIiX2014.

We are also interested in building food recommender systems to help people eat more healthily.  You can play with our demo system here to support this work.

Currently I teach the following classes:

You can see my (not very uptodate) publications list here

Email: david at elsweiler dot co dot uk

You can find my departmental homepage here.

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